Intensity Driving Light Cover; Amber; AR32;
With the ARB Intensity driving lights growing in popularity there has been a demand from customers for a range of clear. color tinted, and solid colored covers. Manufactured from molded polycarbonate and hard coated for scratch and UV resistance. Intensity covers are available in Clear, amber, blue, red, and solid black. These covers suit a range of driving conditions and customer personal tastes while protecting the lens and bezel of then light. The covers are sold as a pair and come in clear double blister packs ready for showroom display.
  • Molded Polycarbonate
  • Hard Coated For Scratch And UV Resistance
  • Suit A Range Of Driving Conditions
  • Protects Lens And Bezel Of Light
GTIN 09332018027603

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ARB, USA AR09TA Intensity Driving Light Cover

Product Information

  • Brand: ARB, USA
  • Product Number: AR09TA
  • $62.00